Dawn Staley, South Carolina Head Coach
I see a tremendous player who has developed into somebody who is really special. She's reading the defense a lot quicker. She's very complete. I don't think there's another player in the country like her from a collegiate or pro standpoint – her ability to dribble the basketball, consistently make outside shots, rebound the basketball on both sides of the court.

Brenda Frese, Maryland Head Coach
“She’s a woman amongst girls. She should be in the pros. She’s just that talented.”

Sue Bird, Seattle Storm and USA Basketball guard
“A’ja Wilson is going to be a beast. When I first saw her, I was actually taken aback by her size; I didn’t realize she was going to be that tall. Then, immediately I noticed how agile she was, her ability to move at that size. Obviously she’s a good basketball player. She can put the ball in the hoop and all that good stuff, but her athleticism - that was very impressive.”

Geno Auriemma, UConn Head Coach
“She’s so mobile, and she’s long enough to get to places. Even if you’re in great defensive position, she can still get to places. It makes it easy for her to get shots. We had to double her a lot, and that’s a sign of respect from most coaches if they have to double you. You look at all the things she’s done for her team. I would say she’s grown a lot.”

Joni Taylor, Georgia Head Coach
“A'ja is just so relentless. She knows that she's going to get doubled every night, it comes from a different place every night and she still finds ways to score. And that's a credit to her. Every year you watch her game, she's gotten better and that's what you want from your best player. She posts you hard. She can drive you. She's shooting it now. So, it's just a difficult matchup.”

Joanne P. McCallie, Duke Head Coach
“She is just so fiercely competitive and more aggressive and willing to play more physical. I just think every part of her game has improved – her finishing, her high post J, her ability to score over two people vs. one. She’s really developed nicely. She’s a great player. I don’t believe they wouldn’t have won a national title without her. She’s a pretty special player. She’s playing up to that. I see her trying to carry her team. She’s got great leadership skills. I can hear her talking to her teammates, which posts don’t always do that. She really talks to her team in a way that helps them along. She’s got a lot of tangible qualities as well.”

Gary Blair, Texas A&M Head Coach
“You just saw the best player in the country.”

Matthew Mitchell, Kentucky Head Coach
“She’s a world class player, probably one of the best human beings on the planet playing women’s basketball. She’s a tough player. Tremendous player, tremendous competitor and hard to deal with.”

Mike Neighbors, Arkansas Head Coach
“We had a game plan to slow A'ja Wilson down, and she has 27 (points), 13 (rebounds) and seven (blocks). It's just so hard, because she has really improved her game. She's grown to where you can't just do one thing against her. She's just that good.”

Nikki Fargas, LSU Head Coach
“A’ja Wilson is one of the toughest players that we have played in our league. She will go down as one of the best players to have played not only here at South Carolina, but also in the SEC. Our team did not match her intensity. A player like Wilson does a lot for her team.”

Joanne Boyle, Virginia Head Coach
“[A’ja] is unbelievably talented. She can do it all. Like a point forward, she brings the ball down the floor. Tonight, we didn’t have an answer for the kind of step-back eight-footer. To me, she’s the best player in the country. We haven’t played against everybody, but I’m just talking about people we played against. She’s a talent.”

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